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9Apps pro is one of the best tool to download all the multimedia content like apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and more free of cost and the best part of this Play Store alternative is that it comes in a tiny package file size which lets the user install any app or game in his device irrespective of the storage capacity. This amazing and mini sized app store which is packed with great features also offers hd apps and games on which we discuss in brief in the coming paragraph. Now take a look on the HD apps which you can download from the app store and enjoy the experience of downloading and using the app with out compromising with the quality

  • HD video player-

HD Video player is one of the best and very powerful android app which is offered to the users free of cost from 9apps store. In this amazing app, there is a variety of unique and stupendous features available like decoding capabilities, compatibility with almost all the video files and more which you will never find in any other video player.This app download from 9apps pro.


Take a look on the points noted below to understand the highlights of HD video player app-

  1. The registered users of this app can identify all the video files in their device automatically by switching to the automatic identification feature which helps them a lot and saves their time.
  2. In order to keep your video files safe and secure, the users are allowed to set private folder for the same.
  3. One can even delete, rename, play, pause and use other operations in the app to enjoy the video streaming experience in a better and smoother way.
  • KM Player-

It is a free and widely popular video player which has millions of install till date and the best part of this amazing app is that it is compatible with almost all desktop platforms which enables the users to download and enjoy the app in any device. Due to its all round features and amazing functions, this app is a choice of more than 300 million users worldwide as it offers them the most enjoyable experience of playing their favourite videos in the best media player.


Take a look on the points noted below to get an understanding of the main features of KM Player-

  1. By switching to this app, the users can enjoy the experience of watching their favourite movies, TV shows, animations, videos and more seamlessly without any hassle and that too, in the highest quality with maximum control.
  2. This amazing app supports HD videos as well as more than 30 languages for its worldwide users.
  3. The smartphone users of this generation switch to this app despite of so many media player apps available in the market.

So these are the video players you can download from pro 9apps store for free and to do so, you are first of all required to download it by clicking on the header or footer options and install it directly through APK..


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